September 28, 2023

Esfahan Steel Company

A Pioneer in The Steel Industry of Iran

Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) is the first and largest manufacturer of constructional steel products in Iran.

This complex started production in 1971 with annual capacity of 600,000 MT. Taking advantage of state of art world technology this company has been reconstructed and expanded recently.

Production Process :

The hot metal rendered from blast furnace is converted into molten steel through LD converters (by blowing oxygen) and after secondary metallurgy process is casted into blooms and billets in continuous casting machine.

Finished products of this company are classified as Constructional Steel products.

Due to the comprehensive control, supervision and rigorous test applied to all the production process from the mines to the finished product, has enabled this company to supply finished products of guaranteed quality.

Quality :

Production of fully-killed and killed steel through use of modern steel making technology as well as proper deoxidizers, existence of important elements in steel i.e. Titanium and Vanadium (coming from the qualified iron ore), low concentration of impurities such as sulfur in molten steel are substantial parameters for high quality of ESCo. products.

By regular tensile and bending tests along with metallography, uniform crystallized structure and favorable mechanical properties of ESCo. products are controlled and conformity of technical specifications with proposed standards are guaranteed.