September 26, 2023
Operational & Executive Finished Projects
  1. Performance of executive operations for Tavazon (Balancing) project including installation of the B.F. No. 3, sinter machine No. 4, coke making battery No. 3, the new thermal power plant.
  2. The revamping of battery No. 1.
  3. Construction of the second wagon tilter for sinter plant raw materials warehouse.
  4. Installation of reservation bunkers for sinter of the blast furnace section.
  5. The modification of design for B.F. No. 2 blast air system.
  6. Designing & MFG of materials transfer project from the plant’s Northern storage to raw materials warehouse.
  7. Installation & commissioning of Saba steel complex.
  8. Optimization of capacity increase of boiler No. 2 of the central power station.
  9. Installation & MFG of boilers No. 5 & 6 of the central power station.
  10. Installation & startup of Mannesman Demag Oxygen compressor in the oxygen plant.
  11. Construction of the new Oxygen plant.
  12. Designing & MFG of Direct Reduction Unit (Ghaem Plant).
  13. Reconstruction & development of the plant power substations in Electricity Procurement & Distribution Management.
  14. Upgrading & automation improvement in the communications & automation Dept.
  15. Designing & MFG of degasing station of molten steel in steelmaking section.
  16. Implementation of desulphurization of cast iron in mixer workshop of steelmaking section.
  17. Designing & installation of Oxygen consolidation station.
  18. Implementation of expansion project in the sulfuric acid section of coke oven plant.
  19. Renovation of coke oven plant quenching tower No. 1
  20. Construction operation of quenching tower No. 4 in coke making plant unit 2.
  21. Installation & startup of Kowsar water supply pump station.
  22. Installation & replacement of continuous casting stations 3 & 6 in steelmaking section.
  23. Installation & commissioning of continuous casting stations 5, 7 & 8 in steelmaking section.
  24. Installation & commissioning of ladle furnace No. 2 in steelmaking section.
  25. Execution of beam blank ingot production in casting station No. 3.
  26. Production of round product with 250mm in the rolling mill 650.
  27. Startup of coil line in the rolling mill 350.
  28. Reconstruction of utilizing boiler in steel making section.
  29. Revamping & repairs of B.F. No. 2.
  30. Revamping & repairs of sinter plant production line.
  31. Installation & startup of hot metal carrying 180T cranes of continuous casting in the steel making section.
  32. Installation & commissioning of rail workshop in the rolling mill 350.
  33. Installation & startup of Oxygen new block with 30,000 cubic meter capacity.
  34. Replacement of hot product cutting by saw in place of 130T shears in the rolling mill 500.
  35. The 5 environmental projects in sinter plant.
  36. Rail production U33 & UIC60 usable in the I.R.I. railway company.
  37. Implementation of bi-layer hot air blower in the blast furnace.
  38. Alteration of B.F. No. 2 loading system scheme from double-bell system to bell-less one.
  39. Study of conditions for Feo reduction in the produced sinter.
  40. Usage of clean circulation water drain for feeding dirty water cycles.
  41. Usage of dirty water drain for cooling the blast furnace slag (pump station No. 8) & convertor slag (dehydration)
  42. Usage of drip irrigation method in some parts of greenery inside the plant.
  43. Reconstruction for many of cooling towers and its continuation in the next years.
  44. Purification & filtration of dirty water cycle in the rolling mills of ESCO and its consumption for the clean cycle.
  45. Water consumption management with network water pressure reduction (at the time of low water consumption and/or in the lines which need no high water pressure).
  46. Installation of multi-pump with revolution control drive on the pumps of industrial water pump station for reduction of water & power consumption in the water supply Dept.
  47. Consolidation of cycling water in order to upgrade its condensation.
  48. Reduction of the plant industrial drainage taking into account the cycling water consumption.
  49. Usage of B.F. slag for producing glass wool in Tarabguin Company.
  50. The triplet project for the production of N12 product in the rolling mill 350.
  51. The twin project for the production of N14 product in the rolling mill 350.
  52. The twin project for the production of N14 product in the rolling mill 350.
  53. Designing & MFG of Thermex box with new design in the rolling mill 350.
  54. Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) project (Under process).