September 26, 2023
Projects In Progress
Project TitleConstractorResearcherGoals
1 Study on the conditions for reducing FeO in the produced sinter Esfahan University of Technology Dr. Saeidi Reduction of Feo amount in the produced sinter, reducing the amount of Fe2Si04 (faialite ) in sinter and protection of the strength of sinter and as a result reducing the disorders of B.F., production increase and reduction of coke consumption
2 Research for recognition of the factors in the formation and intensification of bubbles and slag in qualitative steels Amir Kabir University Dr. Tabaeian Study and recognition of the type and origin of bubble formation and slag impurities in the produced ingots and presenting their control method in order to reduce the wastes of steel making and increasing the quality of the rolled products
3 Chemical study of underground water sources of the regions around the plant pertaining environment protection. Research and Scientific Township of Esfahan Dr. Najafi Recognition of the effect of all pollutant factors on order to gain the trust of non-penetration of heavy metals in underground water sources around the plant, designing and optimizing the scattering of its pollutant for continuous control of environment conditions.
4 Measurement of aromatic Hydro carburate in coke making process and study of practical solution for its reduction and omission Esfahan University Dr. Talebi Closer recognition of environment by measuring gaseous and molecular aromatic Hydrocarborates (PAHS) in the air near cokemaking plant and comparison with Max. Int’l permitted amount, determination of the process for its density changes on different days and presenting a solution for reducing PAHS density in case of necessity, optimization of environmental conditions and optimized control of the system.
5 Simulation of temperature, fluid floating micro structure in hot rolling and its application in production line Teacher Training University Dr. Abdollahzadeh and Prevention from trial and error in monoblock line in order to achieve intended mechanical properties of conversion industries and optimization of coil production process, reduction of wastes and increase of capabilities in absorbing customer’s satisfaction.
6 Continuation of study on the long term effects of steelmaking slag consumption and converter sludge in agriculture Esfahan University of Technology Dr. Shariatmadari, Dr. Kalbasi Achieving the know-how for useful application of slags and sludge produced by production process in agriculture and set up of consumption culture as fertilizer for farmers and orchard holders, reduction of environmental effects, setting up of value added in order to reduce the final price
7 Study and research on the amount and dimensions of non-metallic inclusion in cast steel and determination of the origin of the said impurities Research and Scientific Township of Esfahan Research and Scientific Township of Esfahan Determination of the impurities in the produced ingots from viewpoint of type, form, amount, distribution, comparison and analysis with related standards and determination of the origin for the formation of the impurities and presentation of proper solutions for reducing them
8 Water modeling for thin slab continuous casting process Research and Scientific Township of Esfahan Dr. Meratian Establishing a water modeling Lab. beside production line and direct reflection of the problems occurred in the middle ladle, the floating nozzle and crystallizator to the Lab. and performing the research without any effect in production process in order to eliminate the risen problems.
9 Designing and MFG of digital position encoder (DPE) Esfahan University of Technology Computer and Power Research Center MFG of an advanced digital single encoder and connectible to computer and PLC with the possibility to transfer serial and parallel information to be replaced with the old encoders of rolling mill 650 and supply of standby encoder for increasing the reliability of non-stoppage in rolling mill production line.
10 Omission of Cyanide from the secondary cooling water of coke making plant by chemical method Hadad Chimie Chemical Co. Engineer Akbarzadeh Separation of Cyanide from the circulating water cycle and preventing it from emission in the air, environment protection and providing proper environmental conditions for the personnel of ESCO
11 Study on corrosion and erosion of refractory in converter with emphasis on increasing the lifetime of refractory layer. Science and Technology University of Iran Dr. Golestanifar Dr. Golestanifar
12 Study and research on using salty sewerages as compensator of circulation cycle or for usage in agricultural purposes Tehran University Engineer Zahedi Quantitative and qualitative study of salty sewerages for presenting a way to reduce the amount of salt in them and its re-usage in circulation cycle or agriculture and consequently the optimized water consumption in connection with saving water consumption.
13 Biological refinement of Cyanide and determination of bacteria resistance against it by using mathematical model Esfahan University of Technology Dr. Mohammad Reza Haghighi Environment protection by using biological methods
14 Recognition, control and monitoring for leakage of hygienic network in ESCO Sharif University of Technology Dr. Tajrishi Water consumption auditing, increase of consuming water quality in order to save consumption