September 26, 2023
Finished Projects
Project Title
1 Biological removing of Ammonia from water recirculation of Esfahan Steel B.F. gas cleaning system.  
2 Omission of cyanide from final cooling water and air of coke making plant in ESCO.  
3 Parameter Estimation of induction motors by hybrid method and effect of ageing on their parameters.  
4 Study on increasing the lifetime of refractory inside steel ladle and reduction of refractory material consumption.  
5 Study and research on mould charging of (coal bricket) in coke making batteries and implementation of research in B.F. (pilot)  
6 Studies for reconstruction of casting stations.  
7 Studies for reconstruction of casting stations.  
8 Studies for reconstruction of rolling mill 650.  
9 Designing & MFG of instrument for registering peak current.  
10 MFG of charger and relay for control of electronic charge of battery house.  
11 Designing and MFG of controller block for Temp. of plastometric furnace .  
12 Designing and MFG of electronic block for replacement with electromechanical relay  
13 MFG of Oxygen plant reactor.  
14 Change of plan & MFG of cylinder and piston of liquid oxygen pumps.  
15 Replacement of normal electronic element with normal chemical element.  
16 MFG of cases for thermocouples.  
17 MFG of multi route valves of pneumatic & hydraulic systems.  
18 Correction of circuits and replacement of elements in the devices of instrumentation.  
19 Research and study for using refractory soils of Semirom, Sangroud Bauxite pyrite Argillite and sticky soil of Esteghlal mine for the production of refractory products.  
20 Usage of raw Dolomite in the load of sinter for reducing the consumption of Manganese ore.  
21 The plan for measuring Temp. of ingot in rolling mill 500.  
22 Increase of efficiency in the plan of 130t shears of rolling mill 500.  
23 Indicator for the length of rolled product after secondary group.  
24 Change of cooling system plan in rollers of rolling mill 300.  
25 Production of new re-bars product (28-42).  
26 Increase of converter volume for more productivity with increase of metal charging.  
27 Changes and improvement in command circuits and automation of loading system in B.F.  
28 The plan of salamander tapping of slag ladle with evaporative method.  
29 Change of nose system of ladles carrying hot metal.  
30 Change of cooling system for the inlet of hot air lids of Cowper (hot air towers).