September 26, 2023

For the Frist Time in Iran

ESCO Succeeded to Get the Highest Level & Standard for Producing Round Bars & Ingots

ESCO Succeeded to Get the Highest Level & Standard for Producing Round Bars & Ingots

As the forerunner in steel producer, ESCO achieved the certificate of the highly valid British company of "UK CARES" for the conformity of round bars with BS 4449: Grade B500B as well as the quality management systems ISO 9001 version 2008 in the field of ingots and round bars.

Announcing this, ESCO Managing Director Engineer Sadeghi, termed the aforesaid certificate as an indication for the highest level of quality and standard in the production of round bar and ingot and further said: obtaining the UK CARES certificate paves the ground for the exportation of ESCO round bars to England and other British territories, meanwhile this valuable certificate is also required for exporting our steel products to most of the Persian Gulf countries as well.

He mentioned ESCO as a pioneer company in taking "Quality" into consideration and further added: "this company has never ever sacrificed quality for its economic interests and ESCO priority is to care for the preservation and increasing the quality of its products to observe the rights of consumers."

Engineer Sadeghi further elaborated; it took more than one year for our extensive negotiations with UK CARES Co. to achieve this certificate and passed a hard & sophisticated process. In this trend, ESCO products were tested in various highly reliable and modern Labs. out of Iran and succeeded in this process.

ESCO Managing Director, termed the achievement of this certificate as a factor for the expansion of exports of the company's products and further added: this success demonstrates that ESCO is capable of exporting its products with the highest standard to various countries of the world.

He went on to say: ESCO products are currently being exported to 15 countries of the world in 4 continents. This year, our aim is to pass 1 Million tons on exports which indicates %85 growth since the beginning of the current Iranian year in comparison to the previous year, considered to be the first and pioneer amongst other Iranian steel producers.

Enigneer Sadeghi mentioned the development of ESCO exportation as the result of planning and investment on the products and its conversion to a universal brand and further added; in the present situation and obtaining such success and these achievements, we expect the government to prevent the imports of low quality products which cause lots of problems for the country, and also adopt a proper solution for the serious elimination of the financial problems of ESCO as the mother of Iran's steel industry.

He also pointed to the half a century experience of ESCO and stated: in the 5 past decades, ESCO rendered lots of services to the country due to its long record in steel production and lots of Iranian experts in various industries, passed a part of their lives in this company and imply ESCO with glory. This valuable national brand, is the symbol of Iranian industry and most of Iran's steel industry is indebted to it and in their construction, the capabilities and financial facilities of ESCO have been used effectively. In fact today's ESCO problems are due to non-return of those capitals and we should never let this great industrial complex would face with crisis.

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