September 28, 2023


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24H beam was produced in Esfahan Steel Company 2023/07/10
The quality of rails produced in Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) is far beyond the foreign counterparts. 2023/07/10
The CARES certificate was renewed in Esfahan Steel Company 2023/07/04
IRI Railway Company to Purchase 100,000 Tons of UIC60 Rail from ESCO 2021/02/14
National Rail Production is the Realization of a Long National Wish 2021/02/14
Reconstruction of ESCO Railways with the National Rail 2021/02/14
ESCO is to Increase Pig Iron Production for Exports 2021/02/14
The Annual Production of 400,000 Tons of Advanced Rail in ESCO 2021/02/14
ESCO is the Largest Producer of Long Products in the Middle East 2021/02/14
ESCO to Provide Steel for Iran’s Rebuilding After Earthquake 2021/02/14
For the Frist Time in Iran 2021/02/14
ESCO Exports the 1st Round Bar Consignment to the UK 2021/02/14
ESCO Produces the 1st Beam Blank in Iran 2021/02/14
Increase in Amount & Variety of ESCO Products 2021/02/14
The Exports of ESCO Products Amounted 500 Million $ US 2021/02/14
First H30 Beam Delivery to Esfahan Steel Company Purchaser 2021/02/14
Production of UIC60 Rails for the first time in the country 2021/02/14
Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) Won the UNIDO Energy Efficiency Award 2021/02/14
Localization . Installation of 74 Flexible Doors in the Coke Oven Plant Batteries 2021/02/14
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