Production of UIC60 Rails for the first time in the country
2018-11-05 05:23:01

Thanks to the efforts of Esfahan Steel Company labor

Production of UIC60 Rails for the first time in the country

Esfahan Steel labor achieved the production of UIC60 Rail, which is used in the high speed rail lines.

Engineer Yousefzadeh, Director of ESCo Rolling Engineering, said that the company, the only rail manufacturer in the Middle East, after producing the U33 rails and delivering it to the Islamic Republic Railways, achieved the production of UIC60 rails based on international standards.
He asserted that now 1,000 tons of UIC60 rails are produced in the company, which is perfectly according to 13674-2011 standard, and now ESCo is ready to mass produce this product.

Managing director of Rolling Mill Engineering considered the production of this strategic product extremely valuable in rail transport in the current situation with sever sanctions, and added: "Fortunately, we are able to meet all the requirements of the Islamic Republic's railways, and therefore we do not need to import this product, which is very difficult to work under the terms of the sanctions condition."

Engineer Yousefzadeh said: "In the production of the UIC60 rails, we have fully used the internal competence and managed to produce this important product with the power and expertise of the company powerful manpower. In this regard, concerning the especially valuable experience of the production of U33 in the past, the process of starting this profile and continuing its production in the shortest possible time was possible and, although it was the second stage of testing this profile, in terms of technical and dimensional profiles it reached the highest  requirements of DIN EN 13674-2011 standard.