First H30 Beam Delivery to Esfahan Steel Company Purchaser
2018-11-05 05:20:06

First H30 Beam Delivery to Esfahan Steel Company Purchaser

H30 Beam first produced in the country by Esfahan Steel Company. On September 22, 2018 during a specific ceremony attended by the company s officials at the ESCo rolling mill 650, its first shipment was delivered to the purchaser.

Heavy H30 Beam is one of the products that mainly plays the major role in industrial structures and high-rise buildings in metropolitan areas (columns and metal skeletons). Previously the section was supplied via imports, or plate girder used, which is now considered as a nonstandard product damaging the building safety.

Engineer Mansour Yazdizadeh, Esfahan Steel Company managing director said that H30 Beam is first produced in the country and its first part was delivered to the buyer in the amount of 600 tons. He mentioned that other heavy sections, based on the ambition and knowledge of ESCo workmen would be produced.

He added that after U33 Rail and UIC60 production in ESCo 650 rolling mill, H30 Beam was also produced at the workshop which is considerable as the second phase of this workshop development.

H30 Beam Production in the ESCo, Guarantee of Safety in the Country Building Industry

ESCo managing director introduced H30 Beam as an industrial product which replaces the plate girder. He declared that H Beam produced in rolling manner in ESCo comparing to the plate girder has the advantage of producing continually without hand interference and also it is of great resistance. In addition to the accelerating the construction of the structures and the stronger immunity against earthquake and unexpected events, it reduces around 30% of the cost.

Engineer Yazdizadeh said that the yearly demand for local market to the heavy sections is approximated to be about 700-800 thousand tons. He added: ESCo rolling mill 650 is able to produce 400 thousand tons rails or 650 thousand tons of compound products of various sections including rails and heavy sections, so together with the rolling mill 500, the company is able to meet the domestic market needs to heavy sections. Yazdizadeh added, considering that the production rate of the product is exceeded than the local market, it is designed for export and the European countries are among the major