The Exports of ESCO Products Amounted 500 Million $ US
2018-04-25 06:28:26

The Exports of ESCO Products Amounted 500 Million $ US

A new record was registered in ESCO for the exportation of steel products which amounted 500 Million US Dollars.

Announcing this, ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Sales & Marketing, Mr. Dashtyaneh stated: In the year 2017, about 1,150,000 tons of our products have been exported to other countries, the share of which is about %54 of our total production.

He went on to say: the management over the supply in domestic market for ESCO products and increasing sales price in comparison with other rivals, preservation of brand stance as well as the leading of the market, reception of the golden award, letter of appreciation for observing the consumers’ rights for the first time, monitoring the world and domestic markets, regional & domestic competitors, monitoring customers’ needs to new products, the quantitative & qualitative expansion of domestic & Int’l customers as well as active participation in expositions, domestic seminars & Int’l conferences for boosting ESCO brand and effective marketing, were all, amongst our guidelines adopted to achieve this success in our exportation field.

He further reiterated: The 12 meter long “H” beams, re-bars 500, angle & channels in various sizes, wasted refractory bricks, sulfur pig iron & hot metal lumps were amongst the other products supplied to European, African & Southeast Asian countries in the last year.

It should be mentioned that last year for the first time, ESCO succeeded to gain “UK CARES” Certificate for exporting round bars to England.