ESCO Exports the 1st Round Bar Consignment to the UK
2018-01-27 10:15:30

ESCO Managing Director, Engineer Sadeghi told our reporter about the %145 value growth of this company in the 9 months period of the current Iranian year 1396, comparing to the same period in the last year.

Pointing to the exports of about 810,000 tons of ESCO products in the first 9 months of the current Iranian year. “The amount of ESCO products’ exports has increased by %84 & %145 in weight and financial value respectively comparing to the same period last year” he reiterated.

In the same connection, ESCO Marketing Manager, Mehdi Sarlak told us about the exportation of the first round bar shipment of this company to the UK and further added; this consignment includes 5,000 tons of round bars worth 505 $ US each ton loaded via Bandar Abbass port to London.

He further added; the down payment for this contract was paid to ESCO 2 months ago and another contract has been signed with this British company. ESCO Marketing Manager said; based on the new contract, in a few months’ time, the 2nd shipment of this product weighing 10,000 tons will be exported to the UK, he went on to say that ESCO is currently busy negotiating with British purchasers for some more contracts and reiterated; this is the first time for ESCO round bars to enter the markets of a well-known European country which is the outcome of  ESCO personal efforts in the recent one year who managed to prepare and upgrade this company’s products and consequently achieve the standards of European countries.

He mentioned the target exporting countries of ESCO products as; China, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Jordan, Egypt, UK, Belgium, Holland, Qatar, Oman & the UAE, to which this company’s steel & by-products have been exported, in the last 9 months of the current Iranian year 1396.