ESCO Produces the 1st Beam Blank in Iran
2018-01-27 05:09:27

With the strong will of ESCO personnel, and based on their knowledge and specialty, the first beam blank was produced in Iran.

Announcing this, ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Plant Operation, Engineer Afzali said; “Beam blank is considered as one of special sections requiring continuous casting process some of which can be mentioned as; energy consumption reduction, increasing the productivity, higher quality products, increase of volume and higher speed in the production of the final product, minimizing pass rolling, reduction of the number of rollers used in the rolling mill as well as capability of  producing heavy sections including “H” beams in various sizes”.

He further added:  with the great efforts of all colleagues specially the hard working personnel of ESCO Steel Making Dept. the designing and procurement of mold drawings and mobile sector stages, such as making the necessary co-ordinations with the rolling mill section and specifying the dimensions of the needed beam blank, designing and supply of the copper needed for such molds based on the dimensions defined by steel making section, designing of water jacket on the basis of dimensions and form of the mold copper and calculations related to heat transfer, cassette designing, puller designing and flatter as well as the preparation of MFG drawings and all equipment related for designing project, have all been manufactured and supplied by Purchase Dept.

At the end, Engineer Afzali, termed the capability of producing sophisticated sections, as one of the indicators for quality progress in the world’s continuous casting and reiterated; considering the variety of market demand in a severely competitive steel industry, gaining a high degree of flexibility, product quality, economical production and customer orientation to accomplish success is quite essential and the production of “Beam Blank” in ESCO has been carried out in the same respect.