ESCO to Provide Steel for Iran’s Rebuilding After Earthquake
2017-11-21 10:47:53

The 7.3-magnitude earthquake recently happened in Iran has turned special attention to standards of building material, beam in particular, amid usage of substandard products in the damaged buildings. The Iranian largest long steel producer Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) will supply high-quality steel for rebuilding of the regions hit by the disaster.


The usage of non-standard beams compromised the safety of over 60% of buildings constructed in Iran, the local media Financial Tribune reports. One of the main problems is using light sections instead of heavy beams as part of the Mehr Housing Scheme – construction programme initiated in 2007 to provide two million low-income people with housing units through free land and cheap credit. Each W14 beam is required to weigh 150-155 kg, while sometimes it is at least 25 kg lighter, according to industrial sources. As a result, during the recent earthquake struck in the border region between Iran and Iraq more than 30,000 houses were hit by disaster and should be rebuilt, Metal Expert learnt.


Taking into account the large scale of devastation, rehabilitation of regions in Kermanshah province will require additional volumes of steel, which will be supplied by local mills. Taking into account the wide product portfolio, ESCO will be able to provide the biggest volumes. “For sure ESCO as the main producer of longs in Iran will supply a large part of this demand,” a company representative told Metal Expert. It is worth mentioning that ESCO’s share in the domestic beam segment is accounted for 80%, while in the rebar market – about 15%.