The Annual Production of 400,000 Tons of Advanced Rail in ESCO
2017-06-24 06:09:37

Iran’s Minister for Industries, Mine & Commerce, Engineer Nematzadeh in the 5th Int’l rail transportation exhibition held in Tehran took part in an interview with our reporter and informed us of IRI Railway Company purchasing the national rail from ESCO in cash as well as annual production of 400,000 tons suitable for speed 250 Km/h and further added; the necessary coordination has been done for the usage of rail equipment producers from the National Development Fund.

He went on to say: there have been no facilities for rail production inside the country, since three years ago and in the present 11th government in accordance with signing the contract and then with the inauguration of rail production project in ESCO with the attendance of the 1st Vice President, this strategic product came into Iran’s steel products.

“Presently, the rail production line is active in ESCO and the Railway Co. has also fortunately prepared the ground in a way that the produced rail will be purchased” Mr. Nematzadeh concluded.