ESCO is to Increase Pig Iron Production for Exports
2017-04-30 07:30:28

The steel market situation in recent months has been in a way that pig iron price has increased and the European countries are the buyer of this product of ESCO. On the same basis, in the current Iranian year 1396, ESCO will not only produce its own need cast iron in this period, but also will export 500,000 tons of it to the demanding countries.

Enjoying 3 blast furnaces in its plant, ESCO is currently using only B.F.‘s  No. 2 & 3, in order to reduce the coke consumption and the final price proceeds to produce pig iron, and due to the increase of this product will consequently resume the production in B.F. No. 1 as well.

To do this, a coordination meeting was held in B.F. Conference hall, with the attendance of ESCO Managing Director, Engineer Sadeghi, Deputy Managing Director in Plant Operation, Engineer Afzali, Plant Operation Engineering Senior Manager, Engineer Toulaei, CEO Advisor & Office Head, Engineer Khatibi, CEO Technical Advisor, Engineer Motaman, B.F. Manager, Engineer Rezaei, as well as Plant Operation Technical Affairs Manager, Engineer Labafchi.

In this meeting, it was agreed that the B.F. No. 1 will be started up by the summer of the current year and the amount of production in B.F. No. 2 & 3 will be also further increased.