Reconstruction of ESCO Railways with the National Rail
2017-01-21 08:01:30

Reconstruction of ESCO Railways with the National Rail


National Rail production in ESCO is one of the most important industrial and strategic achievements in relation with resistant economy which has made Iran’s railway system self-sufficient as far as the need to rail is concerned.

Announcing the above, ESCO production senior manager, Mr. Salari said; this company by producing standard rail has succeeded to eliminate its own need to rail in addition to the country’s need. He added; with rail production, in accordance with the Int’l standards, simultaneous with the fulfillment of its commitments, the reconstruction of internal railway system within ESCO has also been started.

He reiterated; the reconstruction of these rail networks has been very important particularly in the heavy load sections and presently ESCO concerns over its old railway system. Pointing to the fact that so far our needs in this respect have been supplied through imports, he said considering the erosion of this system in ESCO, we decided to renovate this system since sometime ago, but the main issue was the supply for the needed rail and as a result of the commissioning of rail production in the company we managed to wait for the final stages and fortunately with the production of rail in ESCO, we did this which was very successful.

ESCO Railway & Transportation Manager, Mr. Gheysari in this respect also said: the length of ESCO railway network is 100 Kilometers which burdens several important transportations such as; taking the raw materials to the relevant station from the loads out of the factory and the rolled products to the warehouses. This network also transfers hot metal to the steelmaking mixer workshop. He further added; in railway system two factors of speed and axel load are of high importance, in raw materials and steelmaking section, the axel load of wagon reaches 25 tons/axel which means each axel under wagon transfers 25 tons to the rail through the wheels. In cast iron station, this axel load reaches 30 tons per axel.

Mr. Gheysari further added; the international standards in railway transportation is 25 tons per axel and IRI Railway Network and even international railway systems do not carry more than this axel load, but in industrial system the railway performance is quite different and shows a considerable performance, he went on to say; some rails carrying loads from Zarrin Shahr station to raw materials have been installed so far. Fortunately, these rails have been quite functional and precise considerations show no breakage, erosion or crack. He reiterated; corrosion is considered on the very important factors and in this 45 day period we have not noticed any corrosion in the rail and noticed no piece removal from the rail resulted by material inappropriateness and in general was successful in operation as well.

“By using ESCO rail it was clarified that this product of ESCO is also of high quality” ESCO Railway & Transportation Manager concluded.