Rail Production is a Long Step towards Promotion of Variety in ESCO Products
2016-10-29 08:23:27

Rail Production is a Long Step towards Promotion of Variety in ESCO Products

“The commissioning of rail and “H” beams production workshop in ESCO is of such a high importance that will remain as a shiny page in the history of glories for this company”, ESCO Plant Engineering Senior Manager, Engineer Nasr told our reporter.

He further said: in the 1st phase of revamping on the rolling mill 650, various types of rails needed by IRI Railway Co. such as (U33, UIC60) and metro lines (S49, UIC54) and in the 2nd phase of this project, heavy IPE beams & “H” will be produced.

The quality control of rail is done with the latest Int’l standard in “online” mode by the equipment such as; Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Automatic Surface Inspection, Straightness Measurement & Rail Profile Gauge and in the final stands section, the modern Housingless stands will be used which are very precise.

Iran is the only rail producer in the Middle East

While pointing to the commissioning of rail production line in the rolling mill 650 and terming it as an operational step towards implementation of the resistant economy and upgrading the variety of the company’s products as well as the production of unconventional special profiles, he went on to say: currently 17 industrial countries are the producers of rail and with the commissioning of this project in ESCO, Iran will be the 18th country unique in rail production in the Middle East. ESCO Plant Engineering Senior Manager further reiterated; the future expansion projects are in fact the continuation of reducing the final price and expansion of products amongst which we can mention the palletizing, coal powder charging into blast furnace projects as well as consideration of stainless steel production possibility, also some more projects are underway in various sections of the plant to create more value added for optimal use of the production line.

In response to a question asked by our reporter on the latest status of rail project he said; currently the final stages for the installation of equipment have been carried out and the cold test also been finished and the project is in the hot test commissioning stage, the total progress of the project (1st phase) is 99.39 percent and presently we are busy with experimental production of rail U33. It is expected to hand over this product to the customer in October and all efforts have been made to start our production in due time despite all the difficulties and sanctions imposed on Iran, we hope to have our customers’ support for this national product and take a long step towards the country’s progress on rail transportation system.