The Quality of ESCO Products are Competitive with the Supreme Steel Producers of the World
2016-09-27 09:50:17

The head of Iranian Standard Organization, Mrs. Pirooz Bakht and some of the officials from this organization attended in ESCO and visited the various sections of the production line such as national rail production & “H” beams and held discussion sessions with ESCO Chairman and some of the officials.

In this meeting, she termed ESCO as one of the pioneers in Iranian industry and stated; national rail production project which is also capable of producing “H” beams, indicates a growing trend and ESCO technological progress. She further added; fortunately ESCO has purchased and installed all the quality control equipment required for rail production and the defects have been recognized as well and in fact I.R.I. Railway Company as the main customer for this rail must have interaction on the quality of this product with ESCO and the government must also support this trend in this company and Iranian Standard Organization also supports this to protect the domestic industries on the basis of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei Recommendations.

Mrs. Piroozbakht further said; ESCO has equipped itself according to standards since its establishment and has played a crucial role in organizing these standards, the result of which is production of very high quality products which is in competition with other countries.

In this meeting, ESCO Chairman, Engineer Sadeghi also pointed to some economic issues of this company and stated; for solving such problems we have planned and implemented extensive measures inside the company, some of which are; reduction of the final prices, production of rail & “H” beams, implementation of blank beam in the casting workshop for producing “I” beams with the sizes much higher than the present products, production of alloy products, consumption of pellet for the efficiency of furnace and many other cases which have been foreseen will assist ESCO, nevertheless these measures are not sufficient, but we expect to witness some extra measures to confront with low quality products, so that the domestic high quality of the plants such as ESCO would not loss.