National Rail Production in ESCO is in Accordance with Standard & Provider of I.R.I. Railway Co. Requirements
2016-09-03 11:22:42

General Manager for Iranian Construction Affairs of Transportation Infrastructures, Mr. Ahmadi, along with a few other managers and experts of this company as well as Esfahan Railway Co. General Manager, Mr. Masoori paid a visit to ESCO Rail Production Line and exchanged their views with ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Plant Operation, Engineer Afzali, as well as other managers involved in rail production.




National Rail, an Honor of Which the Rail Industry is Proud

In this visit Mr. Ahmadi in an interview with our correspondent said; ESCO has always been honorable in international level, today we see ESCO progress due to rail production and this achievement is caused by the efforts of ESCO personnel.

The Long Step of ESCO towards Independence & Self Sufficiency of Iran

Esfahan Railway Co. Manager, Mr. Masoori told our reporter; in the current year the implementation of rail project is a positive and long step towards the self sufficiency of country, he termed this project as a very positive act which will make Iran needless to import rail. He further reiterated; the mass production of rail for the country’s railway system on the intended plans as per the Perspective Plan of the year 2025 will be effective and we hope to have several wagon load daily to respond our need on rail consumption.

Mr. Masoori further reminded; ESCO rail production workshop produces two types of U33 & UIC60 rails as a result of which we will have totally no need to the importation of this product. On the quality of ESCO rail, he stated; according to the observations, the required tests for rail production in this company have already been carried out, he further emphasized; with the implementation of the final test in accordance with the global standards and final timetable which will be presented by ESCO for the quality of its products, our evaluation will be completed and currently we are sure that mass rail production in ESCO is of the required standard for the stability of railway and provision of safety on the transportation of consignments as well as passengers.