The Purchase of Steel Products from ESCO is Top Priority for Iraqi Commercial Policies
2016-09-03 10:56:46

Iraqi Commerce Minister Deputy, Mr. Walid Habib Al-Mousavi accompanied by a delegation comprised of managers and representatives from various cities of Iraqi General Company for Construction Materials Commerce paid a visit to ESCO on Aug. 23rd, 2016 and had a meeting with Managing Director, Engineer Sadgehi as well as Deputies for Plant Operation, Sales & Marketing as well as Planning Deputy Managing Director, and changed each others’ views.

In this meeting, Mr. Mousavi while expressing his satisfaction over his attendance and the accompanied delegation in ESCO pointed to the long lasting friendship and Eco-Political & Military co-operations between the two neighboring countries of Iran & Iraq and called for the expansion of bilateral relations between Iraqi government & ESCO.

He further reminded: Iraqi General Company for Construction Materials Commerce is under the supervision of Ministry, with 3000 employees and agent offices in all cities of Iraq, it is responsible for purchase  and supply of construction materials needed for Iraq, whose managers are present in this delegation. He termed the attendance of this delegation in ESCO as very important and in confirmation of Iraqi Premiere and further added: the two countries of Iran & Iraq are friends and neighbors and have common enemies and it is honorable for us to supply our needs from a giant economic country like Iran.

He then continued; after the destructions made by ISIS and liberation of some cities of Iraq the need of this country to the reconstruction of infrastructures and despite the existence of various markets for the supply of such needs, we are keen to provide this, merely from Iranian markets.

He went on to say: this delegation has come to ESCO for this purpose and we hope the preliminary steps for the procurement of such constructional steel sections and signing the contract would be sped up. He further called for the participation of ESCO in the Iraqi Expos proceeding to establish a permanent exclusive agent office in Iraq.

In this meeting, ESCO CEO, Engineer Sadeghi pointing to the attendance of  ESCO in Iraqi Expos and markets reminded; our steel products are of much higher quality than similar Ukrainian & Turkish products and we are ready to export our products to Iraq as much as possible according to the need and demands of Iraqi officials, he also pointed to some of the existing obstacles on the exports of Iran to Iraq and called for further cooperation of Iraqi officials to remove the aforesaid issues and provision of the required facilities in this respect.