National Rail Production in ESCO will be Important News for the Economy of Iran
2016-08-16 10:41:31

On the verge of completion of national rail production in ESCO and ending the executive phases as well as approaching the official inauguration of this large industrial project, the Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine & Commerce on Mineral Industries & Mine Affairs Dr. J. Serghini attended in ESCO and paid a visit to the rolling mill 650 as well as national rail production line and met with ESCO officials.

In this meeting while holding talks with the officials he participated in an interview with our correspondent. While expressing his satisfaction over his visit to ESCO and witnessing the achieved progress, he pointed to the efforts made in this respect by managers and personnel of ESCO to remove the shortages, the protection of situations and stressed on the final completion of the underway executive projects.

He reminded we had already requested ESCO to produce rail besides other products and by producing new & unrivaled products and complete the range of its products and pointed to the production of rail in ESCO, the country will no longer need to import this product and since ESCO production is four times bigger than the need of Railway Co. and the country’s consumption, we will become an exporter of this product soon.

At the end he thanked all the managers and personnel of ESCO involved in this project with their high efforts.