The Reduction of More than 1,600,000 Kg of Refractory Consumption in the Refractory Repairs of Steel Area
2016-05-29 09:44:34

ESCO Refractory Manager, Engineer Salehian took part in an interview with our correspondent and said: Amongst the fundamental aims for the Refractory Management, we may mention the reduction of refractory consumption, productivity increase and maximum refractory purchase from the domestic producers and suppliers which is realized by the establishment of this section in ESCO, the result of which is to witness the reduction of refractory consumption in Steelmaking Dept. as the largest consumer of refractory materials in ESCO.

The last year’s refractory consumption toll in the year 2015 also indicates this reduction in such a way that considering the tonnage for the produced steel, we notice the reduction of more than 1,600,000 Kg of different refractory materials comparing to the similar period in its previous year in Steelmaking Dept.

Regarding the economic importance of this measure, he also stated; considering the sensitivity and importance of the consuming refractory materials in Steelmaking Dept. due to its direct connection with molten steel, the high temperature and too much corrosion as well as destructive reactions caused by slag of steel and the effect of refractory over the quality of the produced steel is usually among the most expensive consuming refractory in steel producing companies and as a result of this usage, reduction will have a considerable effect on the final price for the products.

ESCO Refractory Manager also outlined the process for this consumption reduction as; implementation of the new projects, replacement of high quality refractory materials with higher economic value, modification of the pattern to purchase refractory on the basis of performance, the move towards the new technologies in refractory as well as the increase of controls and precision in the refractory lining process.

Engineer Salehian mentioned other measures made by open competitions among the suppliers for refractory and added; with facilitation of the situation for the suppliers we see the participation of new companies active in this field which has caused the price reduction and quality increase in the purchased refractory materials.

At the end, he thanked all the supports and cooperation rendered by various Depts. of ESCO such as; Plant Operation & its Technical Affairs Office, Steelmaking, Central Lab., Raw Materials Purchase Affairs, and particularly the personnel for the repairs in steel zone.