National Rail Production in ESCO is a Very Big Capacity
2016-05-29 09:40:01

Iran’s Industry minister, Engineer Nematzadeh in the Int’l Expo for rail transportation, pointing to the start of the national rail production in ESCO said: this event is a very big capacity for Iran, in a way that the assumption for this capacity is annually 500,000 tons which covers a considerable part of the domestic need for rail.

He predicted that the 1st delivery for this product would be in a few months time and further added; taking into account the considerable reduction of pollution as well as economizing the fuel consumption, rail production is recognized amongst top priorities.

According to the minister, fortunately considering the positive attitude of the present government over this sort of transport method, some good events have happened in this field and the hope is that the trend will be also continued in the future and a few projects such as the rail connection of Iran to the neighboring countries as well as the connection of Chabahar Seaport to the rail networks will be also realized.

Nematzadeh rated the participation priority for foreign investors and technology transfer into Iran, as one of the main ones for Iran after the removal of the sanctions and added; in the field of wagon production some positive measures have been done, amongst which we can point to the production capacity of 22,000 wagons for carrying loads which could be later on increased to 50,000 wagons and as for the passenger carrying wagons the capacity production will be increased from 2,200 wagons to 4,000.