The Achievements of Marketing & Sales Dept. in the Year 2015 and Perspectives of 2016
2016-05-15 10:02:08

In continuation of our reports on the above topic, this time we had an interview with ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Marketing & Sales Dept., Engineer Dashtyaneh as follow:

In domestic sales, due to the extensive recession caused by the pressure of sanctions, global market situation, and indeed reduction of oil prices and the outcome of the government, the company faced with a serious crisis but with God’s mercy we witnessed better conditions in the late Iranian year of 1394 (Ending Mar. 2015).

He further pointed to the 100% growth of exports compared to its previous year and added: the total amount of exports and domestic sales was about 2.5 million tons worth one billion $ US and the average price was 1,360 Iranian Rials, 38% of which has been allocated to the exports whose volume has been 700,000 tons.

In response to a question asked by our reporter on what measures has been done in his department for creating variety in ESCO products, the supply and sale of products with higher value added, he stated: this has been pointed to in the strategies outlined by ESCO. The Production of “H” beams has been done in various sizes which will be completed in the current Iranian year of 1395 and the capability of our department will be increased for their sale. Also different types of channel and angles, semi-wide heavy beams have been included in our products.

He reiterated: in Mar. 2016 we had about 25% of our total sales while this was behind the production before that time, therefore after March the amount of our sale reached 116% and overtook our production volume. In the field of exports we have done our best to achieve the Int’l standards and the export of our products to Europe as well as littoral Persian Gulf countries, the benefits of which, will appear in the current year.

Engineer Dashtyaneh termed the efforts to correct the prices of products through the management of supply and outlined it, as one of the other measures done in his Dept. in Mar. 2016 and stated: in this way we got both suitable amounts of cash for the company and the gap for the supplied products of the company got decreased with their sale in market, which is the result of measures adopted by ESCO Managing Director.