The Achievements of Plant Operation Dept. in the Year 2015 and Perspectives of 2016
2016-05-04 15:29:03

In continuation of ESCO achievements in year 2015 and the perspectives of 2016, our correspondent had an interview with plant operation deputy, Engineer Afzali as follow:

“In the year 2015 we faced with a lot of challenges such as; low price for our products, illogical competitions in the market, the limitation in the access to raw materials specially coal, the high final price in comparison with various methods for steel production which affected on the economic status of the company, as well as unproductive organizational chart in the company”, Engineer Afzali stated.

He further added: despite the said problems in Jan. 2016, we witnessed 378 Kg consumption of dry coke for the production of each ton of cast iron and also the consumption of 19% fine coke in the blast furnace compared to the year 2014. The usage of 144 and one tenth of kilogram for the returned sinter in our sinter plant for the ratio of 79 and one tenth of its previous year, was realized last year.

In reply to a question, what products were added to ESCO, he reiterated with the strong will of personnel and reliance on the domestic power, some products including; “H” Beams, Channel, Arc, Ultra Lightweight Beams 14 were produced, as well as equipping various sections with automation level PC 7/1 carried out.

-Reduction of operational expenses and final price performed.

1- Increasing productivity and coke consumption reduction in the blast furnaces.

-Maximum consumption of sub-fuels such as (oil extracts, natural gas, coal powder, etc.).

-Consumption of iron bearing materials with high karat (sinter consumption in B.F.’s).

2- HMR reduction and increase of efficiency in steel making section.

-Maximum consumption of cooling materials in charging into convertor (sponge iron and scrap).

-Implementation of bottom blowing system and natural gas injection.

-Consideration of the methods for preventing hot metal heat waste from B.F. to the steelmaking section.

-Modification of the scheme for cast iron ladle refractory for decreasing heat waste from the ladle body.

3- Increase of fine coke in the blast furnaces.

4- Commissioning of Ghaem project for constant production of the required sponge iron with the minimum price.

5- Supply of the required coal for coke oven plant and reaching the optimal domestic coke production within the plant which will result in fine coke production, besides the reduction of coke price.

6- Balancing the optimal consumption of Oxide crust instead of concentrate in the sinter plant.

7- Increase of the returned sinter for reducing the iron ore consumption.

8- Maximum use of the processed gases.

9- Reduction of the products with low length.

Variety in Products & Increasing Production with Higher Value Added   

  1. Commissioning of rail production project in the rolling mill 650.
  2. Production of round bar with (BS4449 Standard after the supply of rough surface making machine).
  3. Production of Industrial round bars.
  4. Designing and production of various types with high size angles.
  5. Production of channels sized 18 & 20 in compliance with the National Standard of Iran.
  6. Production of steel for rails and special steels in steel making section (using sub-surface casting system).
  7. The project for designing and production of Round Ingot.
  8. The project for designing and production of Beam Blank.

In Respect to Upgrading Productivity

  1. Increasing the quality of products, reduction of wastes and halts.

-Replacement of saw instead of the 630 ton shears in the rolling mill 500.

-Completion of modernization project in the rolling mill 350.

2- Reduction of energy consumption frequency.

-Implementation of the project for using the steel making section surplus steam in “BOT” method.

-Hot charging project.

-Revamping the steam boiler of central power plant and its commissioning for increasing consumption of the processed gases.

-Finalizing and finishing the reconstruction of cooling towers in the plant.