In the Current Year 100 Thousand Tons of Rails will be sold to the I.R.I. Railway Company
2016-04-27 09:07:09

ESCO Managing Director, Engineer Sadeghi announced the sale of 100,000 tons of rail to the Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Co. by the end of the current year and said: installation of the equipment for rail production was finished late last year and currently we are in pre-commissioning phase, as a result of which rail will be supplied in June 2016.

Regarding the amount of National Rail production in ESCO, he reminded; the capability of the equipment installed for this project is 400,000 tons per year, but according to our forecast over the country’s need to rail in the Railway Co. in the most optimistic status, is 150,000 tons per year we will also base our production on the same amount and in the current year as the 1st year for the production of rail in ESCO, the planning is done for the production of 100,000 tons of rail.

Engineer Sadeghi also pointed to the issues of steel industry in the country and further stated; considering the continuation of recession in construction industry, we don’t see any briskness in steel industry. A part of these problems is caused by non-concentration in the management of steel industry in the country, therefore in decision makings we must act with certainty and quickly. In such a situation, ESCO plans to be in harmony with the other steel producers of the country, so we will not witness any further recession.

Pointing to ESCO plan for 1Million tons of exports in the current year, he said; considering the domestic recession in steel industry, we have considered exports as one of our main priorities, in view of the steel prices increase in the world, now there is a good opportunity available to us.

The Physical Progress of National Rail Project has Reached 97.5 PCT

ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Planning & Development Affairs, Engineer Yazdizadeh also in an interview with our reporter, elaborated on the latest phases of this project in ESCO and said the progress amount is 97.5 percent now and currently we are passing the pre-commissioning phase for rail project.

He further added: currently with the attendance of foreign experts, all tests have been performed on the production line and we hope to have the preliminary production in June and the consuming rails would be supplied to the market soon.

He later on talked about the amount of domestic capabilities and its usage for this project said: considering the imposed sanctions on Iran, in the recent years our colleagues have accomplished to have about 40% progress on this particular project, using their perseverance and efforts despite all hardships.

Talking about various products in the National Rail Project he stated; the type of our products is based on the need of the country and European as well as International Standards including Rail UIC60 for consumption in Railway Network and Rail UIC54 for Subway network.