The Visit of Sino-steel Int’l Company Delegation to ESCO
2016-04-23 09:19:17

Member of Board of Directors for Int’l Engineering & Technology Sino-steel Co. Mr. Wan Jian with the accompanying delegation attended at ESCO and had a meeting and discussion with ESCO Chairman, Engineer Sadeghi.

In this meeting, ESCO Expansion Project Senior Manager, Engineer Ahmadi was also present. Later in this congregation, ESCO Managing Director, Engineer Sadeghi while elaborating on the status quo of the company on production, sales, expansion projects and economizing the company’s products, termed Sino-steel Co. of China a successful economic company in the fields of construction and investment in steel units of the world and announced ESCO readiness to use the potentialities of this company in various projects including Tavazon No. 2 project.

In this visit, Mr. Wan Jian while introducing his company’s activities, presented the capabilities and potentialities of his company and reminded that Sino-steel Co. is active in the implementation of some steel projects in the countries including: India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Iran, etc. and will welcome the cooperation with ESCO on the required fields and the agreement of the both sides.

On the margin of this meeting, Engineer Ahmadi in an interview with our reporter added; considering the noticeable records of Sino-steel Co. on the world’s steel industry, by taking part in the tenders of ESCO various projects and its attendance in our company is seeking for joint ties and verifying common cooperation backgrounds and we are determined to use their industrial and engineering capabilities in various projects of ESCO.