Start of plan for Direct Injection of High Pressure Oxygen to B.F. No. 3
2016-04-23 09:17:28

In connection with the guidelines presented by ESCO Chairman in order to reduce coke consumption and increasing profitability for the company in the current Iranian year 1395, the implementation of high pressure Oxygen route from Oxygen workshop for B.F.’s No. 2 & 3 is seriously being followed up by Plant Operation Dept. since the very first days of the new Iranian year and has made considerable progress so far.

In a meeting held with the attendance of CEO Consultant, Special inspector, and managers from B.F., Energy and Fuel Optimization, Plant Operation Technical Affairs & Inspection Dept., the progress of this project was considered.

This project is carried out in two sections, in the first part the piping from Oxygen workshop to the B.F.’s No. 2 & 3 with the length of about 1900 meters and the second part implementation of piping plan and instrumentation systems and automation in the blast furnace area which must be executed both in the wanted and unwanted halts of blast furnace.

In this meeting the prerequisites for the implementation of project including the supply of required mechanical and automation equipment as well as the supply of high quality raw materials was also emphasized.