Presentation of Guideline Plans for ESCO Rescue from Socio-Economic Problems
2016-04-17 09:00:17

The year 2015 was a very difficult year for Iran’s steel industry and had a lot of ups and downs, in addition to sanctions and foreign pressures, housing recession, construction, untimely and quick decision makings over the imports of steel products, exerted heavy pressures on this industry.

ESCO also as the first steel producer in Iran was not excluded from these pressures and similar to the other industries, passed a difficult year with all the ups and downs occurred in this field. As of Oct. 2015, the management of this big industrial complex was handed over to Engineer Sadeghi (one of capable and highly experienced managers in Iran’s steel industry).

Presently, along with his planning and the implementation of suitable policies determined by him for exiting such special hard conditions, the hopeful days for are getting clearer.

Using his past experiences and the current special conditions, ESCO Managing Director in his Norouz visit with managers, in a speech while congratulating the New Year to all hard working personnel, elaborated the most important guideline plans for saving ESCO from socio-economic problems, objectives and strategies of the company for more profitability and reaching the optimal point.

Pointing to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s Norouz Meesage for naming the current new Iranian year 1395 after “Resistant Economy, Measure & Act” in his speech reiterated; all esteemed personnel of ESCO are required to follow Ayatollah Khamenei‘s guidelines as a pattern and by applying their strong will for materializing the determined plans to exit the current problems with their efforts.



He further described the duties and missions of various sections on the basis of the intended strategies as follow:

Manpower Deputy

Engineer Sadeghi reminded the importance and value of manpower and said; manpower is indeed the real capitals of ESCO and protecting the human values and paying attention to the living conditions of personnel is amongst my main objectives.

Marketing & Sales Deputy

He termed the activities of this deputy in the present competitive conditions as “Very Important” and stressed on the development of exports as well as the supply of domestic market needs and underlined the elimination of exclusiveness on products’ sale, marketing, and supervision on the sale and export process of products through Dwart Company.

Plant Operation Deputy

“Consolidation, continuation and production variety in different sections as well as the move towards realization of 3,200,000 tons production per year” were amongst the topics, ESCO chairman emphasized on. He also stressed on the importance of National Rail Project and its submission to the Iranian Railway Co. by June 2016.

Planning & Development Deputy

Since the life and existence of a complex is indebted to the suitable development and planning, therefore in this respect ESCO chairman outlined the duties of this field as follow:

-Installation of “AOD Unit” in steelmaking section in connection with alloy and stainless steel production.

-Implementation of coal powder injection project.

-Acceleration in the start up of rail project and production of different kinds of rail as per the need of the Iranian Railway Co.

- Acceleration in the implementation of bulk project for continuous casting shops.

-Definition of standards and the consumption norms for raw materials, goods and consuming items.

-Production of round ingots in the casting shop of steelmaking section.

Purchase Deputy

This field also as a logistic authority was under the focal point of ESCO chairman in his speech, whose main remarks are as follow:

-Definition of updated and new standards, related to consumptions and reduction of expenses.

-Supply of the required coke through domestic purchase and paying attention to the quality and desirable price in accordance with the Int’l quality.

-Paying attention to signing the long term contracts in the field of raw materials, purchasing the required equipment and omission of dealers for preventing from occurrence of any problems in the production line.

-Purchase and consumption of electrical parts, instrumentation, mechanical and hydraulic equipments and MFG based on the standards and usage norms.

-Sale of surplus items of the plant.

-Removal of small warehouses and organizing the medial warehouses.

-Standardization of the contracts.

Miscellaneous Affairs

Also in his Norouz speech, Engineer Sadgehi pointed to some other affairs of ESCO such as legal affairs over the properties of the plant, Shahid Motahari Hospital self sufficiency and the Industrial Hygiene Center of ESCO and revising the structure and executive process of the satellite companies of Esfahan Steel Company.

At the end, ESCO Managing Director while stressing on his strong will over the follow up and realization of the determined plans, expressed hope by God’s help as well as cooperation of our personnel and their perseverance, the goals for the future perspectives of ESCO would be fulfilled in all fields.