Preparation and Delivery of Exporting Ingots in the Related Workshop
2016-04-17 08:56:04

With cooperation and unlimited assistance of steelmaking quality section, the workshop for preparing ingots has succeeded to produce and deliver 170,000 tons of exporting ingots with various marks of S275JR, CT5SP, 3SP/PS in different length and sections to littoral Persian Gulf countries as well as Pakistan in January, February &  March 2016.

Announcing this, Steelmaking Dept. Manager, Engineer Javadi said; it should be mentioned that in some periods of time, the average amount of loading in five zones at ingot workshop exceeded 3,900 tons daily which is the load of 156 Lorries per day.

“Considering that the loading activity for the exporting Lorries, is in addition to the common activities of this complex and there are some place and equipments limitations such as; non-existence of needed place for storing ingots as well as electrical and mechanical problems for the cranes of workshop which is mostly due to non-availability of spare parts as a result of which, the working conditions has become very difficult, therefore the export of such a high volume of shipment is quite noticeable”, Engineer Javadi concluded.