The Sloped Wing Channel No. 20 was Added to ESCO Products
2016-04-12 10:16:08


ESCO rolling mill personnel accomplished to produce heavy sloped wing channel No. 20 on the basis of the National Iranian Standard numbered 4477-1. Announcing this, Rolling Mill Manager, Engineer Salari, said; in terms of some of our domestic customers’ need to the production of various types of high sized channels, since 3 months ago the designing and production of this product has been started and after the plan got ready, turning of the required rollers as well as the technology parts for the production of this product, after successful performing of the tests in workshop, produced in our rolling mill 650 on Mar. 15th, 2016.

He added: considering special customer for this product and its main industrial usage, ESCO rolling mill Dept. is ready to produce this product through our sales Dept. with prior planning. It should be mentioned that the main domestic and foreign expenditure in the production of the new products goes to the supply of rollers and technological parts, therefore in order to save such expenses, the main rollers in this respect are provided through the existing and unused rollers.

At the end, Engineer Salari while appreciating all personnel of the rolling mill Dept., Technical Services section and Rolling Mill 650, thanked Plant Operation Deputy & its Technical Affairs section, Ordinance Engineering section, Steelmaking as well as Quality Control Depts. that rendered their guides and cooperation in this respect.