ESCO Greenery is an Oxygen Production Factory
2016-04-09 10:41:25

The commemoration ceremony for arboriculture along with the symbolic ceremonies for sapling plantation was held on Mar. 6th, 2015 in ESCO with the attendance of Managing Director, Engineer Sadeghi and some other authorities as well as some officials from Lenjan Township including the governor, Engineer Sajjad, as well as Foulad Shahr Friday Prayer Imam, Hojatoleslam Mahmoudabadi.

In this ceremony, Engineer Sadeghi pointed to ESCO’s special look on the implementation of various environmental projects and said: ESCO enjoys having vast greenery mounting 16,500 acres which can be considered as the world’s largest synthetic forest amongst steelmaking plants.

He added: we are trying to control the amount of pollution emitted in the air, as a result of this, plant activity and for this reason we created the aforesaid large forest.

“In addition to the existing greenery, we are trying to have some plans for arboriculture in the 8,000 acres of ESCO in the current year of 2016. He further pointed to ESCO endeavor for reducing the amount of pollution caused by steelmaking section, hence in this respect we have signed a contract with a German company, but the said company had some problems with the implementation of de-dusting project in our convertor No. 2 which was not unfortunately fulfilled in the past period” ESCO chairman reminded.

He also added: on this basis a warning was conveyed to the German company in which we reiterated that in case, this project does not reach any result, we will cancel the contract and claim for the losses. Consequently, the said German company resumed the job and finished the de-dusting project for convertor No. 2 and started working on the convertors No. 1 & 3 as well, for which we hope to have this equipment, will be installed as well, in the first half of the Iranian year 1395.

In this ceremony, Lenjan Governor, Engineer Sajjad termed “arboriculture” as very effective for the protection of environment and said; ESCO is well known for its steel products, but in addition to production, this company has taken effective steps towards the development of greenery and further added; ESCO Chairman, Engineer Sadeghi founded this beautiful plantation in his previous term serving in this position about 20 years ago which is in fact an Oxygen production factory and plays an important role for Lenjan township.

Also in this ceremony Fouladshahr Friday Prayer Imam termed ESCO plantation as very beautiful and rare. He further said; arboriculture roots in our Islamic culture and our Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) and all our Imams have emphasized on the Earth protection and the importance of planting young tress.