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Safety, Lightweight Construction & Fortification with “H” Beams of ESCO
2016-09-27 09:52:55

In the 16th Int’l Expo for Construction Industry which was held from Aug. 12th to 15th, 2016 at Tehran Permanent Ground Fairs, ESCO put up a pavilion. In this Expo, some 300 domestic & 1235 foreign companies from 23 countries attended and ESCO in a 60Sq. meter stand took part and exhibited its achievements, capabilities and products and received many visitors such as officials, craftsmen, researchers and other interested people.

Member of Board of Directors for Iran’s Chamber of Cooperation, Dr. Karimi was one of the special guests to ESCO pavilion on the very first day of this Expo, while expressing his satisfaction over ESCO attendance in this event, he said; this company is an honor for Iran & Iranian nation and many industries use this mother steel industry. The countries of the region also need ESCO products a lot and such a large and important industry needs to get more attention of the officials in the present situation of recession in the market.

He further added; to exit such a recession has many factors one of which is the move of construction industry, steel has a special position in this industry and from the foundation to the final stages are somehow depending on steel and according to the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s orders in the current Iranian year, we have planned to help the Government by holding this Expo in the form of an NGO, therefore it is considered to be a suitable place for the interaction of producers and consumers on construction industry so that their talks in this place would result in operational planning.

At the end, in response to a question on what is the effect of ESCO “H” beam products on the market, he stated; in the past for constructing the column and ceiling in a building, welding was used for joining the parts to each other, for which there was no precise and scientific calculations, but with the production of such a product by ESCO, the parameters of safety, light weight construction and fortification will be realized with the least expenditure.