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ESCO Accomplished to win the Letter of Appreciation & the Emblem for Observing the Rights of Consumers
2016-03-14 09:23:27

For the 3rd consecutive year, based on the consideration and performance assessment of ESCO in the year 2014 done by the Organization for Protection of Producers & Consumers’ Rights, the flag of remembrance, emblem and letter of appreciation for observing the rights of consumers in the year 2015, was awarded to ESCO Deputy Managing Director in Marketing & Sales Affairs, Engineer Dashtyaneh.

The ceremony for the 15th gathering of the national day on the consumers’ rights protection, was held in the Voice & Vision Organization Conference Hall in Tehran, with the attendance of Iran’s Minister for Industry, Mine & Commerce, Engineer Nematzadeh, Majlis Vice President, Hojatoleslam Abutorabi Fard, as well as some officials, managers and industrial experts of Iran.

In this gathering Engineer Nematzadeh as well as some other officials made lectures. Amongst the aims for awarding this certificate and the national emblem for observing consumers’ rights, we may mention the motivation and sensitivity increase in production, observing consumers’ rights, increasing trust and encouragement of users to consume the goods and services of the units, holding the certificate and the emblem as well as the increase of a constructive competition amongst the producers and those presenting their services in high quality products.

“The Sold Product will be Refunded”

The above is the motto which was posed in the congregation of this year; this motto is in accordance with the Islamic principles which also have civil organized rules. In order to obtain the emblem, the following information must be provided to the Organization for Protection of Producers & Consumers’ Rights:

  • The history of the company.
  • Sales toll, production capacity, price, financial invoices and reports, and accounting.
  • The types of certificates obtained by the company.
  • The pricing system of the products.
  • The procedure for Information supply to the customers.
  • The procedure for the supply and sales in the goods and energy stock exchange.
  • The procedure for consideration of complaints and customers’ evaluation.
  • The procedure for human resources training.
  • The research reports.
  • IT status & E-commerce, etc.


The abovementioned documents, after they were collected from the relevant managements under any subject, will be processed by ESCO marketing and domestic sales Dept., aimed at obtaining the emblem, will be submitted to the Protection Organization, says the Manager for Marketing & Domestic Sales Dept., Engineer Sharif.


It is to be noted that, ESCO has succeeded to gain the certificate, and in the current year with much efforts made in this respect, once again accomplished to obtain the emblem in the aforesaid congregation.


At the end, Engineer Shariff while congratulating this success to all personnel of ESCO, especially the company’s managing director, deputies, managers, and all the colleagues in his own Dept. wished God to grant an ever-increasing success for Esfahan Steel Company.